Lumistick Authentic Glow Sticks 8 inch 100 pcs



  • Make sure you get the best glow sticks by using this brand. These are authentic Lumistick colored glowsticks and come in the iconic blue Lumistick tube. Use it for your parties, events, holidays and other occasions.
  • Enjoy the glow radiating from your wrist glowsticks for up to 12 hours. After activation, these cool glowsticks will be at their brightest for 8-10 hours, then slowly fade. Choose from our array of colors and color combinations or get the assorted pack.
  • Each of our glowstick sets comes with the same number of connectors so you can turn them into Lumistick bracelets or necklaces. Use your creativity and get the most out of these sticks for decoration and fun.
  • Our powerful glowsticks contain two chemicals that glow when mixed together (when the stick is bent and the inner tube is broken). Lumisticks glowsticks are non-toxic, non-flammable non-radioactive, and can be easily washed off the skin or clothes with ordinary soap if necessary.
  • These light glowsticks were manufactured just a few weeks ago and are fresh from the factory. The glowstick party pack comes in a handy tube that can also be used as a storage container for the unused Lumistick glow sticks. They have a shelf life of two years.


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